Day 24: Let that SINK in…

January 30, 2022 – Day 244 of Project, Day 229 w/out a WORKING Kitchen Sink…

One of the greatest things about this project and past projects is always having the ole man – the Pulverizer, with me through it all.

I was raised in a Blue Collar home, in which both of my parents worked. My dad worked so much overtime and side jobs when I was growing up, it was a rarity to have him home for dinner at the table…

I will hand it to the man though, he never missed a hockey game, football game, wrestling meet, or any other special occasion… He put the R in Role Model…

The sink finally came in and it was something neither of us have played with in the past. It’s known as a “Country-Style” sink, which doesn’t embed inside the top of the cabinet, but molds into the front of the cabinet.

After a few tries and a couple scratches on the new cabinets, we finally got the sink set – which was a big deal, because now we were able to get the granite officially measured and installed!

It was a good day all around, working with Paul the Pulverizer!

One response to “Day 24: Let that SINK in…”

  1. I love how you wove gratefulness, love and respect into this slice. Clearly, your dad is a role model in more than one way.


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